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4 thoughts on “The Positive Report

  1. Absolutely great SOTU speech last night by our President, Donald Trump. Probably the best I have ever heard. He is unafraid to meet the issues head on and he rightly calls out right from wrong. He has done great things for our economy, our American workforce, the farmers and factory workers, etc. The numbers prove it. He addressed the vile unethical push by the liberal left for late term and even post term abortions. He invited WWII veterans and re-educated the American public on what it took to retain our freedom during that terrible time and how there is no way we should ever want to trade socialism for our free democracy. He talked about so many important issues and how they related to us and how he was working to fix the problems. He was tactful, yet forceful. A true leader with a sensitivity to those who are struggling and a strength of character that is incredible.

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  2. Now, on the tide of the President’s fantastic SOTU, and in light of sneaky snake-like Schiff who is trying to keep him and his family embroiled in investigations and court proceedings. We need to organized and march in Washington. We need to go with large signs, with megaphones with passion and song. We need to demand that Pelosi and Schiff leave and leave now. They are espousing evil and we need to combat it in civil ways. Anyone with me? Anyone?


  3. Love your screen name: Woman of Valor!!!!!


    1. Thank you! I like a lot of your comments on the Treehouse : )

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